The green certification training manual, “Green HVAC/R Technician Certification: A Desktop Reference & Training Guide for Implementing Green Practices in Building Thermal Control in Residential/Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration” trains the user in all aspects of building efficiencies including mechanical equipment, lighting, insulation, building construction, and other categories. It is available at to service contractors, engineers, maintenance staffs, architects, building owners, inspectors, and anyone else associated with designing or maintaining building efficiencies. After the download, the user has the option of getting official Green Certification. The combination training and certification program allows users to know exactly what the certification manual consists of before making a time and money investment in the program. One of the manual’s sections trains technicians for performing energy audits on insulation, heating, motor, lighting, cooling, vapor compression, and other building systems that, when upgraded, can improve a facility’s energy conservation. Another chapter, “HVAC System Design” explains basic operating principles of today’s HVAC equipment, so technicians can upgrade and/or improve them. The manual also details IAQ methodology. A test based on the manual can be taken to receive the optional certification, which also includes a wallet-sized certification card, certificate of completion, a truck decal, and an arm patch.

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