Mc4Suite Software is developed from over 25 years of direct input from HVAC industry engineers. It allows users to work in a familiar AutoCAD® environment. Quick start features give users the ability to import existing building plans directly into the Mc4 Suite software, and begin system design immediately. The software uses universal files - .dwg, .tif, .bmp, . jpg - and employs drag and drop technology, that allows designers to drag a system component from the component library and drop it into the design. Automatic 2D – 3D changes and immediate retention of changed component dimensions for system sizing are immediately calculated and instantly incorporated into the final design. The software calculates and sizes all dimensions and system components automatically. All modules are fully integrated and project data is shared among modules for all calculations when multiple modules are in use. Mc4Suite contains eight modules and each module is available separately. It can be used for both residential and commercial applications, as well as for new construction or retrofit. The HvacSystem module offers radiant heating and cooling design with automatic loop layout and calculations. Complete technical reports, automatic HVAC terminal sizing, selection, and system simulation are available.
Demonstration disks available as well as one-on-one web demos tailored to your needs and time schedule. We offer you the opportunity to speak directly with a technical representative and free technical support through our toll free number for the demonstration period. Toll free to request a demo 898-8MC4. Toll free tech 866-272-2031.