CHELMSFORD, Mass. - Millennial Net has joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative (MITEI), which is designed to promote basic and applied research into technology to “transform the global energy system to meet the needs of the future.” Millennial Net is an affiliate member of the program that pairs MIT’s research teams with industry.

Millennial Net is a sponsor of the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project (UROP) program that will support students to conduct energy research in a faculty member’s lab. Research studies can range from buildings and urban design to industrial processes to global climate change.

Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, Millennial Net’s co-founder and chief technology officer, said, “This is a key role for us in industry in order to bring the best creative minds of academia together with industry professionals to focus on current energy problems. We see the need to move ahead with practical applications of technology we have been creating during the past few years - like wireless mesh networking - for the vital work to be done in energy generation, conservation, and developing the smart grid.”

Melanie A. Kenderdine, associate director for strategic planning for MITEI, said, “We at MITEI are pleased to welcome Millennial Net as an affiliate member and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Our members provide valuable support and insights by teaming up with the creative researchers and MIT Energy Fellows.”

Millennial Net is a provider of energy management solutions that monitor and control energy consumption to improve efficiency and reduce waste in buildings. According to the company, it combines the Internet and wireless mesh sensor network technologies for a non-invasive and affordable means to retrofit existing buildings.

Mark O’Hearne, Millennial Net vice president of business development and marketing, commented, “In the emerging age of going green and smart energy consumption, commercial and industrial businesses are seeking ways to eliminate energy waste and become more responsive to a dynamic energy market. Wireless mesh sensor networks are recognized as an enabling technology for enhancing building energy conservation and initiatives like the smart grid.”

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Publication date:09/14/2009