The AK-CS is a controller designed specifically for small food retail facilities and controls and monitors all major energy-using systems, including HVACR and lighting. The controller can replace mechanical controls or older electronic systems. It uses an Echelon® communications link coupled with modular I/O boards or stand-alone smart controllers. The controller monitors a facility’s energy use with a kWh meter installed on the main power service; the kWh meters can also be installed on subsystems such as refrigeration and lighting. By using a central Energy Information System (EIS), a retailer can look at the energy usage across all store locations and create energy baselines for each facility or system. The EIS creates an alarm when a store’s energy usage is above its baseline, allowing the facility operator to take corrective actions. The AK-CS provides logs of all I/O points and alarms for critical systems. The logged data can be saved and accessed for one year or more. The controller features a full Web browser for remote access and a USB port for software loading-saving functions. It can be connected to a facility’s Wide Area Network and viewed or programmed by any Web browser accessing an on-board Web server. XML protocol is provided to allow access to data from third-party software.

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