A new e-book,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Evaluation Guide, by Mike Taitano, is now available at Air-Conditioning-and-Refrigeration-Guide.com. The previously publishedSystem Evaluation ManualandChiller Evaluation Manualwere revised and combined to create the new book. Taitano is a technician with 20 years of experience troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. He also operates Air-Conditioning-and-Refrigeration-Guide.com.

The e-book discusses standard air conditioning and refrigeration systems and also reciprocating chilled water systems with TXV. The standard a/c and refrigeration systems chapter covers such topics as introduction to the cycle diagram, superheat, and subcooling; normally running a/c and refrigeration system characteristics; cap tube or orifice systems; TXV systems; tips about evaporator characteristics; tips about condenser characteristics; and compressor tips. The reciprocating chilled water systems chapter includes an introduction to chiller system operating characteristics; evaporator (cooler) readings; suction line and chilled water readings; condenser readings; what the condenser readings may be indicating; pumps, water flow, discharge superheat, and unit capacity; chiller water air handler and cooling tower tips; and chiller water air handler capacity checks.

To access theAir Conditioning and Refrigeration System Evaluation Guidee-book, go tohttp://hvacr-resource.com/System_Evaluation_Manual.html.

Publication date:08/17/2009