PORTLAND, Ore. - AirAdvice has introduced a new Energy Savings Assessment as part of the suite of reporting capabilities for its BuildingAdvice™ program. The product enhancement is accompanied by the launch of a complete program for marketing, selling, and delivering energy services for commercial buildings.

Intended to focus on reducing operating costs in buildings, BuildingAdvice’s new Energy Savings Assessment is designed to offer service providers such as mechanical service contractors and energy consultants the ability to quickly provide sophisticated energy assessments for their customers. The new Energy Savings Assessments will include descriptions of low-cost and no-cost actions for improving energy efficiency in buildings.

With an emphasis on the cost-savings potential of building services, AirAdvice has developed the concept of an Energy Service Agreement to replace the standard preventive maintenance agreement. The idea is to incorporate basic energy services into regular maintenance so as to consistently drive toward improved efficiency and lower energy costs. Frank Johnson, president of Robertson-Morrison Inc. of Ann Arbor, Mich., plans to integrate energy into his firm’s service agreement business. He said, “Our approach now is to use the BuildingAdvice process starting with benchmarking the energy performance of the building, followed by an initial energy assessment to identify the immediate low- and no-cost improvements that could be made.”

As more commercial building owners look for ways to reduce operating expenses, energy costs, which on average represent 21 percent of overall building operating costs, will be looked to as a prime target, said AirAdvice. Technology like BuildingAdvice that helps those who own, operate, and service commercial buildings to find ways to reduce energy spending, will become increasingly important tools of the trade.

For more information, visit www.airadvice.com/commercial.

Publication date:10/19/2009