Homeowners can take control of all their comfort needs with the Quaternity™ by Daikin. SEER levels as high as 22, EER levels up to 15.8, and HSPF levels as high as 11 will help keep energy costs down. Plus all Daikin systems utilize inverter compressors that boost performance, especially in low ambient heating conditions. The Quaternity keeps you warm even when it is as cold as -4°F outdoors.

Quaternity is also the only single system in North America that can be programmed to a relative humidity setting, so comfort is not sacrificed when humidity levels soar. While all the features are impressive, take a closer look at the Quaternity’s air cleaning capabilities.

Quaternity cleans the air, not just filters the air. Air transports microorganisms that can cause infections or allergic reactions. Filtering the air reduces the amount of time a person is exposed, therefore reducing the effects. But sometimes the wrong type of filtration can act as a breeding ground for microorganisms. Quaternity actually cleans the air using multi-stage filtration with Daikin’s Flash Streamer.

Pre-filtered air enters the Flash Streamer which discharges high energy electrons which in turn analyze, powerfully decompose and remove molecules of allergens, odors, unwanted bacteria, and other hazardous chemical material by colliding with high-speed electrons discharged from streamer unit. This is achieved with an oxidative distraction speed that is 1000 times higher than the glow-discharge systems also known as plasma filters commonly used by competitive mini splits. In fact, Daikin’s Flash Streamer was recently evaluated with the MS2 coliphage which is commonly used to test simulate a virus. Within 120 minutes, the flash streamer had eliminated 95.2% of the simulated virus.

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