Jennifer Rodriguez, member and office administrator for Big Sky Heating and Air Conditioning LLC in Caldwell, Idaho, is the inaugural winner of The NEWS’ Dealer Design Product Giveaway. Selected randomly from 173 entries, Rodriguez will receive the new Western Enterprises VN Series nitrogen purging system that consists of a regulator with an integrated cylinder valve combined with a lightweight aluminum 2,000-psi cylinder. This compact purging system also features a built in carry handle, high-impact resistance shroud, and preset flow settings.

Currently consisting of two members - herself and her husband Adrian - Big Sky employs subcontractors to help complete most retrofit installations. As for their 2010 outlook, “I think folks have been saving their pennies, putting off maintenance, repairs, and replacements, and will be more ready to take care of these things in the coming year,” said Rodriguez.

The next prize is Online-Access' Automated PagePilot E-Commerce System that lets any licensed contractor easily and quickly create an e-commerce store in their Website to sell filters, UV bulbs, and other replacement items in less than one hour. The system can be used as part of any Website.

The next prize will be drawn on Dec. 7. Participants may enter daily.

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