Introduced to the United States market in late 2008, LG Electronics Multi-V Sync-II heat recovery variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system was designed as a space saving, cost effective, extremely energy efficient alternative for use in commercial high rise office and hotel buildings, government buildings, schools, and university campuses.

LG’s Sync-II product stands as a desirable choice for projects pursuing the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED® certification. This system provides the architect with the ability to economically deliver fully independent zone airflow and temperature control. This allows each occupant to control their own environment.

A central feature of Sync-II stems from its’ ability to extract heat from one area of the building and reuse it in another, taking advantage of the building’s load diversity to drive energy savings. A recent energy study completed on a midrise office building in St. Louis showed a 37 percent savings where using Sync-II in lieu of a traditional state-of-the art rooftop VAV system.

Not only are the energy savings revolutionary, but because the Sync-II system transfers heat using small refrigerant piping in lieu of air in large metal ducts, the plenum space per floor decreased from 42-inches to just 18-inches. Such a dramatic reduction bestows upon the architect more design flexibility and substantial savings on structural costs of the building.