Six models are offered in the Ceiling Collection of air diffusers. The air diffusers fit, as standard, in modular ceilings and are also available in a low-installation height version, and with optional Model ALSc commissioning box. The Lockzone™ C can be used for supplying air below room temperature and variable airflows. Its swirl perforation design can supply air at high velocity. The Eagle™ C disc diffuser manages large airflows while maintaining air diffuser performance. It enables substantial cooling capacities and variable airflows without risk of draft. The Colibri™ CC and Colibri™ CR are disc air diffusers with smaller discs arranged in square or circular patterns. Hawk™ C diffusers do not protrude from the ceiling, but manage substantial airflows without generating noise, says the company. The Pelican™ C offers flexibility - four-way to one-way air supply without any change in performance due to the air deflector, says the manufacturer.

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