The goal of the Shield™ design project was to bring new technology to the simple task of heating water for the light commercial water heating market.

Unlike the traditional under-fire, tank-type water heater, the Shield features a Stainless Steel heat exchanger that is separate from the water storage. With controlled flow through the heat exchanger, we have eliminated the potential for lime scale buildup, which is the silent and certain killer of under-fire, tank-type water heaters.

In addition, new combustion technology allows for a variety of vent configurations that use low cost PVC vent material.

The Shield features the patented Smart System™ control that provides 20% to 100% burner modulation and an LCD readout of temperature and operation.

And finally, Lochinvar made a special effort to combine all of these elements into an attractive package, a handsome one-piece appliance with easy field connections.