ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI’s) Liquid Chiller Section has announced the termination of the mutual recognition agreement between EUROVENT and AHRI for water-cooled chillers. According to AHRI, this was done to protect the credibility of the AHRI certification program amid a number of claims of “AHRI Certification” from chiller manufacturers whose products had not, in fact, been tested or certified by AHRI.

The mutual recognition agreement was established in 2000 for the North American and European markets to reduce testing costs for manufacturers that were members of both EUROVENT and AHRI. Since that time, AHRI said that there has been an influx of new manufacturers that are not common to both organizations, which AHRI felt diluted confidence in the performance of some equipment certified under the agreement.

In accordance with section 6 of the agreement, the effective date of termination will be June 30, 2009, while termination of a manufacturer’s chiller certification, if completed by that date, will not be effective until the end of 2009.

Publication date:06/22/2009