NEW YORK - Vantage Properties LLC, one of New York’s leading owners of residential and retail property, has begun a major initiative, in partnership with U.S. Energy Group, to reduce the carbon footprint of its 139-building portfolio in New York City. Using U.S. Energy’s state-of-the-art energy management and control technologies to optimize usage, the company said energy waste and emissions will be significantly reduced for each property.

“Vantage is dedicated to setting the highest standards of quality for affordable housing,” said Neil Rubler, president and CEO of Vantage Properties. “We believe that incorporating innovative and sustainable property management practices is integral to the responsible and proactive maintenance of our properties and a step toward making New York a healthier urban environment.”

According to U.S. Energy Group, most multifamily buildings use a single outside sensor (generally referred to as “a heat timer”) to control cycling of the boiler - a method which is highly inaccurate, often resulting in the burning of excess fuel and, therefore, increased pollution. Vantage is implementing U.S. Energy’s Energy Management System (EMS) which uses strategically placed sensors throughout each property to reach the ideal comfort level for all residents without waste. Consequently, the properties achieve increased energy efficiency while reducing overall operating costs.

Additionally, each Vantage building will be monitored with USE-Manager, which is designed to provide constant online analysis of each facility’s fuel-boiler system in order to identify weaknesses and potential problems, track usage, and alert building management immediately regarding any issues that could impact residents. These measures not only help reduce the carbon footprint of the properties, they also help prolong the life of each heating system.

“Vantage Properties is part of a new generation of property owners and managers whose prescient approach to managing their portfolios in order to curb waste and pollution will not only promote a better quality of life for their residents, but a better quality of life for us all,” said Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group.

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Publication date:04/06/2009