The RG6000, a next-generation refrigerant recovery machine, is engineered to deliver the fastest overall ARI-740-certified refrigerant recovery rates in most conditions within a small portable unit, says the company. It combines a compact, modular design, enhanced operation, and reduced maintenance. The new unit incorporates a proprietary dual cylinder oilless compressor capable of handling both liquid and vapor refrigerant. It provides a liquid recovery rate of 7.78 pounds per minute for R-22 and 6.04 pounds per minute for R-410A and delivers a vapor recovery performance rate of 0.55 pounds per minute for R-22 and 0.35 pounds per minute for R-410A. According to the manufacturer, the machine can recover all commonly used CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants, including Puron™ R-410A, R-22, or any other refrigerant. The unit is designed to be easy and quick to assemble and take apart. According to the company, the entire unit can be taken apart and rebuilt in as little as 25 minutes using basic tools, helping limit downtime. All of the parts are easily accessed and replaceable for long life.

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