LIVONIA, Mich. - Five business consultants in the HVACR trade have combined their talents and presentations into a one-day seminar called “Five Keys to the Vault,” in the Detroit area on Wed., June 10. Presenters include:

• John R. Hall, former business editor of The NEWSand current freelance consultant and niche services writer, who will speak on how business owners can seize free marketing and advertising in their own communities.

• Dan Bergstrom, the owner of Bergstrom-Elder Consulting Group and a former owner of a successful contracting business, who will present ideas on how contractors can challenge and keep their best employees.

• Mack Heaton, the president of HVAC Warranty LLC and an experienced veteran of many HVACR businesses, who will talk about retaining customers for life by using extended warranties.

• Dave Squires, founder of Contractor’s OnlineAccess and an HVAC contractor, who will discuss the rules of today’s Internet technology and how it is critical to being able to market cost effectively, while turning customers into friends and visitors into customers.

• Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems, the leading manufacturer of zone control products sold direct to contractors, who will discuss selling accessories and the importance they play in generating additional profits for the contractor.

The one-day event - at the Laurel Manor in Livonia, Mich. - includes five seminars, continental breakfast, and a full deli lunch. Attendees must register in advance.

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Publication date:05/25/2009