IAQ technology - the forefront of clean air concerns. Science is making new advances in the field and manufacturers are using these discoveries to improve their product offerings.The NEWS’sixth annual Dealer Design Awards’ Indoor Air Quality category uncovered three winners seeking to clear the air. Purafil Inc.’s GridBLOK™ technology is a one-piece integral structure that won gold. AspenAir Inside’s High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner-Furnace Mount took silver. QuietFlex’s AMGFlex™ IAQ Duct coated with Agion® antimicrobial technology received the bronze award.

Gold Winner: Purafil Inc.’s GridBLOK™ technology is manufactured as a single, one piece, integral structure.


Purafil Inc.’s new GridBLOK™ technology is housed within the PuraGRID filter. The GridBLOK is manufactured as a single, one piece, integral structure or “monolith.” It consists of a large number of small straight and parallel channels and is composed of essentially 100 percent adsorbent materials allowing the entire composite structure to function as a gas filter. Because of the large number of channels in each GridBLOK, the contact area between the adsorbent layer and the airstream that travels inside the channels is very large. Further, the channels are straight and parallel so that the flow is not obstructed and the pressure drop across the PuraGRID filter is extremely low, said the company.

“The 100 percent filtration is a good feature,” remarked one contractor judge. “It sounds great, comes in nominal sizes, and fits into existing racks.”

The filter can be used in almost any commercial HVAC equipment where there is a requirement for general odor control and/or improving IAQ. It can also provide for energy conservation in ventilation system designs based on the IAQ Procedure of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007. Common applications of the PuraGRID filter include cleaning outdoor air of ozone and other chemical pollutants from automobile and diesel exhaust, industrial processes, wastewater treatment, and other sources as well as cleaning indoor air of gaseous contaminants produced by building materials and furnishings, people, and activities. According to the manufacturer, office buildings, hospitals, theaters, museums, airports, hotels, restaurants, etc., can all benefit from the improved IAQ and potential energy savings possible when using the filter.

The media can be tested for remaining life so a predictive maintenance schedule can be established, maximizing filter life and lowering overall cost-of-ownership.

The PuraGRID filter is available in all standard HVAC filter sizes and can fit into any standard 2” or 4” filter track or universal filter holding frame used in most HVAC equipment, requiring no additional hardware or retrofit. The product also features no bypass, all of the air goes through; turbulent flow; low pressure drop that provides for energy savings; cell geometry that provides high contact efficiency with contaminant gases; composite structure; is dust free; and self supporting.

Silver Winner: The AspenAir Inside’s High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner-Furnace Mount.


The AspenAir Inside’s High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner-Furnace Mount is installed in the traditional location next to the air handler. It cleans the air of particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and germicidal elements. This device is used in three standard applications - installed with a new or replacement air handler; installed as a retrofit adjacent to air handlers without high efficiency air cleaning; and installed to retrofit existing housings where either 4- to 5-inch media filters reside or where old technology electronic air cleaners (EACs) reside. The unit is narrow, allowing it to retrofit existing media or EAC housings, removing the need to cut-in a new housing. Designed with a retrotrack system, it slides in and out easily and can be retrofitted into much wider existing housings. The narrow design allows new installs where much wider EACs will not fit, said the company. The 24-vac system allows fast and easy electrical connections onto the existing fan relay board, reducing the need for an electrician or permit.

Service features include quick and infrequent maintenance consisting of sliding the unit out of the housing, opening the hinged door, and replacing the media with a new media. This only takes about a minute one to two times a year. No other service is necessary.

According to the company, the product is built from lightweight, heavy gauge thermoplastic and carries a 5-year warranty. “This looks like a nice design,” summed up one of the judges. “It appears to install easily and have a low maintenance design.”

Bronze Winner: QuietFlex’s AMGFlex™ IAQ Duct is coated with Agion® antimicrobial technology.


QuietFlex’s AMGFlex™ IAQ Duct is designed to compliment IAQ components or systems employed in residential or commercial applications. Typically the central indoor comfort system is enhanced with IAQ components such as filtration without consideration to the ductwork that directs the conditioned air into inhabited areas, said the company. The inner core of AMGFlex IAQ Duct is coated with Agion® antimicrobial technology that incorporates the natural protection from silver to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. This product also suppresses offensive odors that could occur from fungi, mold, or mildew. It uses Johns Manville formaldehyde-free™ insulation so no outgassing occurs. The product can be installed with any brand of heating and cooling system for both residential and commercial applications.

According to the manufacturer, the oversized core allows easy connection to junction boxes and/or register boxes without the extra pressure that could lead to lacerations of the installers’ hands. This product meets or exceeds performance levels dictated by ASTM E2180, and has a gold jacket with polyester vapor barrier and a heavy-duty rip-stop scrim reinforcement. The core of the flex duct is made with galvanized metal wire to resist corrosion in wet, moist, or humid applications. It comes in color-coded weather resistant packaging.

2009 Honorees: Indoor Air Quality

Purafil Inc.
GridBLOK™ Technology

AspenAir Inside
AspenAir Inside’s High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner-Furnace Mount

AMGFlex™ IAQ Duct

Steril-Aire Inc.
UVC Kit for Unitary Air Conditioners

Publication date:07/13/2009