The InRow® SC System, a self-contained, integrated cooling enclosure, is ideal for network closet and server room environments, says the company. These systems offer the flexibility to be deployed as a fully contained IT environment, meaning no need for remote heat exchangers, or as a partially contained system that can be easily added as a retrofit to allow for seamless growth within existing space. They come complete with up to 7kW of cooling capacity, a 600-mm-wide rack enclosure, and front and rear containment options. The cooling systems monitor and actively adjust cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. The self-contained systems contain InRow SC Cooling. It includes features such as active-response controls; individual hot swappable, variable-speed fans; remote management capabilities; coil freeze protection; dry contact output; and horizontal airflow pattern. The NetShelter Enclosure offers numbered U positions and removable, reversible, fully ventilated doors.

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