There are some questions that are impossible to answer. Questions such as:

What truly happens to you after you die?

Why do customers think it is not necessary to pay HVAC technicians immediately after the work is completed?

How did Alan Thicke possibly accumulate 14 more Facebook friends in four weeks’ time?

In case any of my three readers forgot, about a month ago, The NEWSstarted a Facebook page. The first goal was to create a place to get updates onThe NEWS, in addition to talking shop with HVAC contractors, technicians, et al. from all around the world.

The second goal was to defeat that pompous Canadian actor by accumulating more members on our page than his.

(The third goal was to impress the bosses by thinking outside-the-box and creating a “social media network,” but that is more of an individual thing.)

I am happy to report we are succeeding on both goals. There is some chatter on our message board including a few posts from people who are equally excited to pass Alan Thicke. And our total has skyrocketed to 42 people, which puts us within striking distance of “Jason Seaver,” who had 69 members.

Well, it seems like Thicke is a bit of a moving target and has increased his total to 83. But fear not, for we are gaining on him.

So, if you have not joined, please do. And if you have joined, tell a friend. Just go towww.facebook.comand search theAir Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration NEWS.

Join the revolution!