Participants in the Unified Group’s Sales Forum gathered for five different learning sessions that lent themselves to some group discussions and problem solving.

BROADVIEW, Ill. - The Unified Group’s Sales Forum in Indianapolis, held April 19-22, hosted 45 sales people who are “heading into the summer recharged and ready to take on one of the busiest times of the year as a result of new ideas and best practices shared,” said the group.

The forum kicked off with Jim Bartolotta, Unified Group managing partner, identifying the positives of the economic climate. “Business is still being done,” he said.

“You need to be strong, different, and focused. Today’s deference is tomorrow’s business. This is a great chance for us to upgrade our talent pool and prove that the strong survive.”

Unified Group members led all of the discussions. Jim O’Mahoney did a presentation on marketing LEED/Green; Jerry Hurwitz led a discussion on prospecting and the benefits of telemarketing; Woody Woodall talked about the importance of networking, how to create a value proposition, and how to maximize your client base; Bill Flynn did an exercise about the importance of making a verification call; and Kevin Almon previewed the new Unified Group estimating program.

The training topics were selected to reach everyone in a sales force from the new salesperson to the seasoned pro.

“The real strength of The Unified Group training is being in a room with people who have the same headaches as they do, who they can relate to and network and reach out to,” said Bartolotta.

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Publication date:05/25/2009