Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., is gearing up for concurrent HVACR conferences in 2010 including the announcement of due dates for abstracts as well as dates for short courses and the conferences themselves. The 20th International Compressor Engineering Conference and the 13th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference will take place July 12-15, 2010 on campus. Short courses will precede the conferences on July 10-11, 2010.

Abstracts will be due in early December 2009. It was also announced that Eckhard Groll will serve as the general chairperson and he, James Braun, Doug Adams, and Travis Horton will be chairing the conferences. All are on the Purdue faculty.

Online registration, group discounts, and pre-registration discounts for the conferences are available as are event sponsorships.

For more information, contact Ginny Freeman, conference secretary, at herlconf@ecn.purdue.edu, 765-494-6078 or check www.engineering.purdue.edu for announcements and updates.

Publication date:05/11/2009