SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sensus Machine Intelligence (Sensus MI) and Target Corp. won the annual Buildy Award for Best Building Connectivity Implementation at ConnectivityWeek 2009. The award is presented to the integrator, building owner, or consultant with the most progressive building, supporting the vision of whole building integration and intelligent buildings.

Sensus MI has been working with Target Corp., one of the largest retailers in the United States with approximately 1,700 stores in 49 states. In an effort to maximize operational efficiency, Target monitors and controls its entire store network from its Minneapolis-based Facilities Management Operation Center (FMOC). The FMOC manages facility fault detection, diagnostic, and impact (FDDI) results with interactive tools from Sensus MI. Sensus MI is collecting, normalizing, storing, and continuously analyzing more than 290 million HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and energy meter points from multiple systems at one-minute intervals in a centralized cloud based platform.

“The Target team earned this distinguished Buildy award due to their efforts in adopting a best-in-class solution for remotely aggregating thousands of devices from different sources to automatically analyze equipment performance, allowing Target team members to proactively resolve problems quickly,” said Brian Thompson, CEO of Sensus MI. “This award reflects the industry leading benefits being achieved, allowing Target to spend more time solving problems before they have a negative impact on both comfort and financial operations.”

“Operating and maintaining clean, comfortable, and well-lit stores while also minimizing energy consumption and environmental impacts is one of Target’s top priorities,” stated Paul Ham, senior group manager, facilities management.

“The user friendly Sensus MI FDDI analytic toolset helps Target better achieve our operational and financial goals through efficiency gains that focus our efforts towards investigating and solving problems that were not known or able to be addressed in the past,” said John Kimmes, EMS asset lead, FMOC. “This solution is resulting in tangible energy, maintenance, and sustainability benefits, and improving our ability to effectively ensure a comfortable shopping environment.”

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Publication date:07/13/2009