WILMINGTON, Del. - DuPont Refrigerants continues to call for intensified actions to address the potential for a major R-22 refrigerant shortfall beginning in 2010. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed allocation rule, which would take effect in 2010, projects a 27.5 million pound supply shortfall, based on demand projections for the air conditioning and refrigeration service aftermarket, said the company.

According to DuPont, measures to conserve R-22 by increased efforts to reclaim it and by retrofitting equipment with R-22 replacements are two critical ways business owners and facility managers can avoid potential negative impact to their operations. DuPont has recently expanded and improved its Refrigerant Reclaim Program and continues to offer retrofit solutions to replace R-22 in existing systems. DuPont is also supporting industry educational initiatives to ensure that refrigerant users understand the effects of the recently proposed regulations and are able to put effective refrigerant management programs into place in advance of the anticipated 2010 shortfall.

“With this new projection, it’s become increasingly clear that the industry will need to rely on the recovery and reuse of recycled and reclaimed R-22 as well as retrofits of existing equipment to hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) replacement products such as DuPont™ ISCEON® refrigerants to avoid shortfalls going forward,” said Diane Iuliano Picho, global business manager, DuPont Refrigerants. “DuPont is taking action to help customers ‘get the scoop’ on the potential impact these new regulations could have on businesses and we are expanding our refrigerant reclaim program to make it easier to use than ever before.”

The DuPont Refrigerants Reclaim Program was enhanced to provide a variety of options to its distributors so they can develop reclaim programs with their customers. According to DuPont, it is now easier for customers to return used refrigerants at an expanded network of DuPont Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Centers. Enhancements to the program allow DuPont distributors to choose the best option for handling used refrigerant, including R-22. Distributors select the best option for their needs and proactively pursue and promote the return of used refrigerant with branch and targeted programs to support retrofits away from R-22.

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