MOSCOW - Carrier and its Russian partner, Airconditioning & Heating International (AHI), sponsored the Moscow 2008 Green Buildings Conference, a daylong event focusing on commercial building trends, products, policies, and regulations. Global industry and sustainability experts spoke to some 120 building industry members about new directions in Russian energy efficiency and a possible green future for Russia.

“Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings are relatively new terms for Russia,” said Dmitri Portanski, director, government and public affairs at United Technologies International Operations, Moscow. “The Russian government is now establishing the regulatory framework to create the most favorable conditions for the implementation of energy-efficiency technologies in many industries, including buildings.”

Russia is developing sustainable buildings to comply with world ecological standards and strict requirements for environmental protection. Russia is a party to multilateral environmental agreements such as those on climate change, biological diversity, and protection of the ozone layer. According to the US Green Building Council, environmentally responsible or green buildings use, on average, 40 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than their traditional counterparts.

“Carrier is committed to developing new products, technologies, and resources to help the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry satisfy the growing market demand for environmentally responsible high-performance buildings,” said Kelly Romano, president, Carrier Buildings Systems and Services.

Carrier is the only founding member of the United States, India, and China Green Building Councils, and according to the company, it leads the industry in creating total building solutions that meet and exceed new environmental sustainability and system performance benchmarks.

“At Carrier, we understand that how we design, manufacture, and service heating, cooling and refrigeration systems fundamentally impacts the world,” said Romano. “Carrier is committed to helping the industry develop new sustainable solutions and products for high-performance buildings.”

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Publication date:12/08/2008