Sanyo - ECO-I product line

The new 3-way line of Sanyo ECO-I products offers the ability to simultaneously heat and cool different zones. According to the company, it is the first manufacturer in the world to develop this energy saving heat recovery solution. Offering all the features of the 2-Way series, the 3-way solution also offers higher energy savings for the building owner through superior heating and cooling coupled with cost effective installation. Providing a single refrigerant pipe network means there is only one penetration into the building and ultimately less piping material required, also saving time and money. The ECO-I 3-way series provides a smart conditioning solution for large capacity jobs that require simultaneous heating and cooling, said the company.

The line includes the CHDZ series, models: CHDZ09053 and CHDZ14053 and the WCHDZ series, models: WCHDZ20053, WCHDZ26053 and WCHDZ32053. All models offer flexible combinations, inverter control compressors, and high energy efficiencies.

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