ATLANTA - ASHRAE recently published the newest version of Standard 135-2008, BACnet® - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. This new publication includes seven addenda that add BACnet/Web services and new objects for Event Log, Trend Log Multiple, Load Control, and Access Door.

Moving forward, the committee has 11 addenda in process for the 2008 version. In addition, addendum q for ASHRAE 135-2008 has been approved for publication and is available in the standards section of the association’s Website. Made in cooperation with members of the ZigBee Alliance, the new datalink specification allows mains-powered BACnet devices to communicate over the ZigBee wireless mesh network, opening up new installation options and furthering BACnet’s reach into all areas of facility monitoring and control, according to Dave Robin, BACnet chair.

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Publication date:03/23/2009