COURSE TITLE:Modern Hydronics Advanced Seminar


DATE:April 20-22

LOCATION:Morton Grove, Ill.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:Topics covered in the course include intermediate hydronic systems design topics, pump selection for intermediate-sized systems using ESP Plus, special problems in hydronic design (converting a gravity flow system to forced circulation, converting a low-pressure steam system to forced circulation), and troubleshooting common hydronic system problems. In the course, students will learn the advantages of properly designed hydronic systems, how to use the Bell & Gossett System Syzer® to design more complicated systems, to recognize when standard design techniques may lead to poor design decisions, and to apply the basics of primary-secondary pumping to simple zoned systems. Students who complete the seminar will receive 1.7 CEUs.

COURSE TITLE:Steam Utilization for HVAC Applications


DATE:May 6

LOCATION:Allentown, Pa.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:Course STM-901 covers the fundamentals of steam and basic steam utilization throughout the entire steam and condensate loop on campus including generation, distribution, utilization, and recovery, with a special emphasis on HVAC applications. It is designed for engineers, designers, project managers, estimators, and facilities and operations personnel who are responsible for steam utilization in their respective

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Publication date:03/30/2009