Genteq™, a division of Regal Beloit, has launched, devoted to educating homeowners about home comfort options and familiarizing them with the Genteq brand.

“Homeowners often just live with draftiness or other comfort issues in their homes, without realizing all the options available to address home comfort,” said Paul Selking, HVAC industry leader at Regal Beloit. “Our goal is to educate homeowners about the most recent innovations in home heating and cooling, and what that can mean for home comfort.” defines and explains the terminology and infrastructure of which homeowners should be aware, including variable-speed blower motors, ductwork, HEPA filters, energy recovery ventilators, zone controls, and thermostats.

The interactive site engages and educates homeowners with quizzes and calculators that guide them through issues critical to homeownership.

For more information, visit the company’s Website at

Publication date:03/16/2009