Microprocessor controls get the attention of visitors to the booth of American Hermetics, which also noted remanufactured compressors.

CHICAGO - The internal workings of the refrigeration system involving condensers, compressors, and coils came to the forefront at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Condensers showed a continuing move to microchanneling, compressors were as much about remanufacturing and emergency replacement offerings as they were on new technologies, and coil companies often promoted their customizing services.


AeroSys (www.aerosysinc.com) showed ceiling-mounted systems with 4- to 5-ton cooling capacities and air-cooled condensing units.

CoilExpert(www.coilexpert.com), a member of the Guntner Group, introduced its GVX condenser with what it said was Microox® microchannel technology. It was described as “a completely new condenser conceived to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for efficiency, reduced refrigerant volume, small footprint, and flexible mounting.” The exchanger and casing are made of aluminum with a flap that can be opened for cleaning.

Embraco(www.embraco.com) launched the Armonia external condensing unit. According to John Lange, corporate commercial sales manager, the Armonia is ideal for light commercial applications and in environments where there are space and noise restrictions. The product can be located separately from the cabinet and installed externally, he said. To facilitate maintenance, a frontal door was installed, giving access to the entire system. Produced at Embraco’s plant in Slovakia, the condensing unit uses NT and NJ compressors that are compatible with many refrigerant blends and R-404A.

Johnson Controls/PENN(www.johnsoncontrols.com) showed the P266 condenser fan speed control with a stainless steel electronic pressure sensor for greater reliability and longer life, the company said, along with field-adjustable speed, pressures, start voltage, and minimum speed/cutoff. This control has a patent-pending design that can extend motor life by reducing power and motor temperature at lower speeds, according to the company.

Designed to enhance their current air-cooled condenser offering,KeepRite Refrigeration’s(www.keepriterefrigeration.com) new KCM line offers more flexibility and extended capacity range for use in a wider range of applications, the company said. KCM units offer enhanced tubing, vertical or horizontal airflow configuration, as well as energy-efficient ECM models that are available with one to eight fans and capacity ranges from 9 to 48 nominal tons at 25°F temperature difference. They are said to be suitable for refrigeration or a/c duty.

Micro channel technology is featured with condensers shown at the booth of CoilExpert.


Remanufactured compressors was one of the focuses ofAmerican Hermetics Inc.(www.americanhermetics.net) at the booth. Also shown was the MCS Magnum microprocessor chiller control designed to eliminate nearly all nuisance trips.

Emergency replacement compressors were among products shown by Bitzer(www.bitzerus.com). Inventory is stocked in seven major U.S. cities with deliveries within 24 hours or less, the company said.

Danfoss(www.danfoss.us) introduced a line of low-noise refrigeration scroll compressors. The MLZ line includes 11 models of medium-temperature scroll compressors. Cooling capacities are from 13,000 to 102,000 Btuh. According to Andres Lacassie, “Introducing this new line positions Danfoss as the company that offers the broadest spectrum of energy-efficient solutions for commercial refrigeration applications.”

New models fromDorin (www.dorin.com) included the OT aluminum model for transport refrigeration and the TCS-200 single-stage compressor for R-744 (CO2) in transcritical situations.

Emerson Climate Technologies(www.copelandscroll.com) announced improved rating performance and updated coefficients for R-410A Copeland Scroll® compressors. Copeland Scroll compressors are said to be optimal for R-410A and include 20 recent design improvements. As a result, performance ratings on the R-410A Copeland Scroll compressor show even higher efficiency than originally rated, the company said.

“Emerson Climate Technologies is committed to continually improving our technology and better serving our customers,” said John Schneider, vice president of marketing, Air Conditioning Division. “As the industry prepares for the R-410A transition, we are truly pleased that our R-410A Copeland Scroll compressors are achieving higher efficiency performance than originally rated.”

North Atlantic Associatesof Buffalo, N.Y., showed the Quiet Cov-R removable, reusable insulation for compressors. The product has the properties of thermal and sound insulations.


Fan coil units fromIce Air(www.ice-air.com) were noted to be in a variety of configurations to offer heating, cooling, or both. Shown were freestanding cabinet units, or those that can be mounted inside walls or in the ceiling.

Super Radiator Coils(www.superradiatorcoils.com) noted it provides custom coils in a plant that has 18 fin lines and eight tube machine tools.


Among products to assist in servicing systems were several fromCliplight Mfg.(www.cliplight.com). DRY-R™ is a moisture-removing additive that eliminates water in commercial, industrial, and residential AC/R systems by changing its chemical composition rather than masking or converting it to oil-like substance. Super Seal Total™ is a four-in-one product that combines a moisture eliminator, acid preventer, UV leak detector and micro leak sealer for the prevention and detection of common AC/R system corrosion and leak problems. Ultra Pack is a combination of complementary products that knocks out moisture/acid with a can of DRY-R™ and seals refrigerant leaks with a can of the manufacturer’s Super Seal HVACR™ AC/R system leak sealant.

Publication date:03/30/2009