The Heat Transfer Fluid for Air Conditioning and Heating guide is an overview of DowTherm™, DowFrost™, and DowCal™ heat transfer fluids for HVAC and refrigeration systems. The guide explains the benefits of the fluids and lists HVAC applications for the glycol-based fluids. A description of DowTherm SR-1, DowTherm 4000, DowFrost HD, DowFrost/DowCal N, DowCal 10/DowTherm 10, and DowCal 20/DowFrost 20, as well as a table that compares the fluids are provided. Other tables include the concentrations of DowTherm, DowFrost, and DowCal fluids required to provide freeze protection and burst protection at various temperatures and corrosion test results/weight loss in milligrams (mils penetration per year).

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