INDIANAPOLIS - ICOR International Inc. launched its new Virtual Training Center (VTC) to provide refrigerant users with Web based access to its training programs. "For most technicians making it to a training program or association meeting after a long hard day at work can be difficult to impossible", said Gordon McKinney, ICOR vice president. "Now refrigerant users world wide can access our programs 24/7/365 and stay ahead of the curve on their own schedule." The initial program offered on the new VTC is "The Future of R-22 System Service". This program details the R-22 phase out challenge and gamut of compliance strategies available. Along with covering critical conversion considerations such as recording pre- and post- conversion performance data, component compatibility, leak testing, proper vacuum, etc. The program also describes the complete system conversion guidelines for NU-22B and ONE SHOT. By February, ICOR plans to have two additional training programs available on the VTC site. "The Three R's of Refrigeration" focuses on the ever-changing refrigerant recovery, recycle, and reclamation industries. "The Move to HFC's" takes a comprehensive look at the HCFC phase out and the entire array of HFC options available. When a VTC visitor has completed an online course they will be able to submit their contact information and receive a Certificate of Completion via email for their file.

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