NEW BERLIN, Wis. - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Matt Frank congratulated ABB New Berlin for its commitment to environmental protection while pursuing industrial excellence as a new participant in the state’s Green Tier program.

“Green Tier recognizes businesses like ABB New Berlin that have made the pledge to make sure the natural resources surrounding their operations are protected as they seek business changes. The community now knows this company is going after superior environmental performance as part of their pursuit of business excellence,” Frank said of the program. “This is not only good news for the business and its workers, but also for the community neighbors.”

Aaaron Aleithe, general manager for the Low Voltage Drives business, one of five local business units within the campus, accepted the Green Tier certificate from Frank.

All ABB employees, more than 400 in total, from the businesses were welcomed at the event by Frank, Aleithe, and fellow ABB business managers. ABB’s Local Environmental Management Team (LEMT) has been driving the initiatives leading to acceptance in this program. Team members include Tanya Albee, quality management system coordinator; Rich Bizek, health and safety manager; Jim Decker, application engineer; Rick Kegel, local sustainability officer and plant engineer; Kathryn Schwab, environmental health and safety coordinator; and Jerry Ulatowski, facilities manager.

“This is an honor we all share,” said Aleithe, in accepting the plaque. “New Berlin signed up for Green Tier in 2007, and the program has challenged our businesses to work very hard to exceed minimal environmental standards.”

The work continues, said Aleithe, “but this is the first ABB site to receive this recognition - and the first company in the city of New Berlin to participate in this program,” he noted.

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Publication date:12/22/2008