ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies awarded its top-performing wholesalers for outstanding sales performance in 2008 during the company’s annual National Wholesaler Conference, which was held in Palm Springs, Calif. Mark Gibson, vice president and general manager of Emerson Climate Technologies, Distribution Services Division, presented the awards to this year’s winners, who were eligible in five categories: Peak Performance, Summit, Signature, SystemPro®, and Center Stage.

“We are excited to see so many reputable wholesalers with a steadfast commitment to selling our products, providing reliable customer service and superior product availability,” said Gibson. “It is our privilege to work with these wholesalers and it is our honor to recognize them for their achievements over the past year.”

To qualify for the Peak Performance Award, wholesalers had to achieve 10 percent growth in Copeland® brand products in 2008. Four wholesalers received the Peak Performance Award for 2008:

• Dennis Company Inc.

• Johnstone Supply of Atlanta

• Meier Supply Company

• Refrigeration & Electric Supply Co.

The Summit Award is given to wholesalers achieving an average of 10 percent growth in 2008 across all Emerson product lines they represent. Those receiving the Summit Award for 2008 were:

• Ed’s Supply Company of Nashville

• Johnson Supply & Equipment

To meet the requirements for the Signature Award, Authorized Full-Line Wholesalers had to achieve an average of 10 percent growth in 2008 across all Emerson product lines. Nine Authorized Full-Line Wholesalers received the 2008 Signature Award:

• Allied Supply Company Inc.

• ABCO Refrigeration Supply Corp.

• Barsco

• Ed’s Supply Company of Little Rock

• G.W. Berkheimer

• Makdad Industrial Supply Company Inc.

• MJM International Corp.

• Refrigeration Sales Corp. (RSC)

• Refrigeration Supplies Distributor

The SystemPro Award is presented to the top three wholesalers who had the greatest increase in M-Line and F-Line sales in 2008. This year’s winners were:

• G.W. Berkheimer

• Johnstone Supply – The Ware Family Group

• Johnstone Supply of Atlanta

The Center Stage Award is given for outstanding Emerson merchandising and promotional activities in 2008. The recipient of the Center Stage Award was:

• Refrigeration Supplies Distributor

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Publication date:12/22/2008