CHICAGO - Technologies related to heat exchangers, heat transfer, and piping were as varied as the number of exhibitors at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo). Each had innovative twists to show.

Aquatherm( showed products such as Aquatherm Greenpipe®, Climatherm, and Lilac and told attendees about its full line of polypropylene piping systems. Booth visitors also had the opportunity to perform a heat fusion connection.

Dow Chemical Co.( reported that its Dowfrost™ heat transfer fluid for secondary loop refrigeration had grown by 120 percent during 2008. The company said, “Supermarkets utilizing secondary loop refrigeration technology can minimize energy consumption and environmental impact.”

Environmental Air Solutions( featured air-to-air heat exchangers. The system consists of a Y-shaped fan assembly. The system draws fresh outside air in the top of the Y with a turbine fan. The air is distributed through corrugated tubes in an exhaust plenum. The contaminated air is removed at the ceiling level through the plenum.

GEA PHE Systems( announced plate heat exchanger technology advances. “We are adding a number of new models to our full line of plate heat exchangers,” the company said in a statement. Noted were NX250 gasketed PHE with a “real 1°F temperature approach with suitability for high-pressure uses”; gasketed PHEs that are certified to ARI-400; GBM BPHE offering what was said to be greater range with fewer models in hydronic applications; and GBX BPH with extended performance with R-410A.

Cesaroni Technology Inc.( noted it has polymeric heat exchangers for both custom and large volume applications. The PolyCoil brand was said to offer high heat transfer performance in a package that is lightweight and flexible.

Composite material with possible applications in drain pans and coils were shown byMeridian( Noted was that SLI-410 and SLI-402 have recently achieved Underwriters Laboratories yellow card rating.

SWEP( showed what it called cold plate brazed heat exchangers for use with R-744 (CO2). The technology is applicable for supermarkets, heat recovery, cascade systems, booster systems, and in indirect systems with the refrigerant pumped. In the supermarket sector, the manufacturer said the use of its products “help minimize critical charges across these applications.”

Publication date:02/16/2009