PEARL RIVER, N.Y. - Hudson Technologies Inc., a refrigerant services company specializing in reclamation of refrigerants and proprietary on site decontamination services for large comfort and process cooling systems, announced the Hudson Platinum Reclamation Program - an all-inclusive, full-service reclamation program to assist wholesalers in maximizing the effectiveness of their programs for the reclamation and recycling of HCFC refrigerants.

This program provides several options that include a variety of customized services to meet the unique needs of every wholesaler at one all-inclusive price. Through Hudson’s cylinder handling and reclamation facility in Champaign, Ill., the Platinum Program offers customers refrigerant reclamation, cylinder maintenance, and repackaging of HCFCs. In addition, the program provides for disposal of refrigerants that cannot be reclaimed or reused, and the opportunity to sell used refrigerants back to Hudson. According to the company, the bundling of these services in a clean, concise package is an industry first and delivers a program without any hidden or unforeseen costs.

“Hudson’s all-inclusive Platinum Program eliminates many hidden costs that wholesalers have experienced with other programs, which have created difficulties in program administration and in some cases made the programs unprofitable,” said Kevin Zugibe, chairman and CEO. “We believe the Platinum Program is a very user-friendly, ‘green’ offering that will manage the supply of HCFCs and help meet the industry’s servicing needs throughout the federally mandated phaseout.”

For more information, visit, or contact Chuck Harkins at 845-512-6005 or George Dinsmore at 973-568-3705.