The company’s condensate pump can be used with condensate from condensing boilers and high-efficiency furnaces. Features designed to make the technician’s job easier include a standard 22-foot lift; stainless steel hang tabs with hole-and-slot design for mounting; a simple, polyethylene float; rubber feet and vibration isolation to reduce noise; indicator lights; a removable check valve; and a pan pill dispenser, free with every pump. The pump also features easy connection to the built-in overflow switch via three, 1/4-inch quick-connect terminals, giving the technician flexibility to connect air-handler shutdown and optional alarm as needed. The switch features SPDT-isolated contacts, ready for connection to building automation systems.

DiversiTech Corp., 6650 Sugarloaf Parkway, #100, Duluth, GA 30097; 800-995-2222;;

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