The Millermatic® Passport® Plus is an all-in-one, 45-pound, suitcase-style MIG welder that can be carried to the jobsite. The package carries an 8-inch spool of wire and a gas bottle. According to the manufacturer, it has an impressive arc on mild and stainless steel, and when combined with the new direct-connect Spoolmate 100 Series spool gun, the welder provides outstanding welding performance on 18-gauge through 1/4-inch aluminum. With the Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP™) the unit can be plugged into either 115- or 230-V power. To use, the welder chooses the plug that fits the receptacle and attaches it to the power cord; no tools are required. Arc control allows the user to select between a crisp arc suited for mild steel or a softer arc suited for stainless steel and some mild steel applications.

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