The Millermatic® Passport™ is an inverter-based MIG arc welding power source, wire feeder, self-contained shielding gas system, and gun all in one package. It provides 25 minutes of welding time (25 feet of weld on 3/16-inch-thick material with one cylinder of gas). For location flexibility, the system features the company’s exclusive multivoltage plug (MVP™) and Auto-Line™ power management technology, enabling the unit to connect to 115- and 230-V power by choosing the right plug and without removing the cover to relink the power source. Operators can select the internal carbon dioxide (CO2) gas supply when away from the shop and bulk supply when the user is in the shop or needs mixed gas (75/25 or a trimix for welding stainless steel). It has a 30- to 180-A current output range, and weighs 56 pounds with an 8-inch spool of wire and 12-ounce CO2 shielding gas.

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