The ECOM-CN is an easy-to-use, handheld gas analyzer designed for basic combustion monitoring in a variety of applications. It is fitted with two gas sensors, measuring oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO), stack and ambient temperatures, and stack pressure and draft. The gas analyzer also calculates carbon dioxide, efficiency, losses, excess air, and oxygen correction 0-20 percent. It is equipped for onboard data storage of up to 500 separate readings. An infrared printer port transmits data to a portable printer for on-the-spot printouts. A large LCD displays all measured and calculated parameters at once, or can be “zoomed” to show only those particular measurements the operator wants to see. The ECOM-CN sample conditioning system consists of a high flow pump and radiant gas cooler with moisture trap. An automated shutoff valve activates when the gas cooler filter becomes saturated. An automatic and manual CO bypass function protects the CO sensor from overexposure.

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