Models RA-250 and RAD-250 waste oil heaters have been added to the extensive line of products specifically designed for recycling used oils to produce free shop heat. The Model RA is a standard unit space heater while the Model RAD is a ductable furnace, designed for ducting heat to wherever it is needed. Both models are rated for 250,000-Btu input. They can be ceiling suspended or supported above the company’s workbench fuel tank, forming a practical and convenient waste-oil recycling center. The heaters feature a state-of-the-art, efficient air atomizing burner; quiet, onboard air compressor; and positive displacement fuel metering pump. Other features include a patented oil-preheating system, a backflow ash/draft sensor, and operation hour meter. According to the manufacturer, automatic thermostat-controlled operation provides consistent, dependable delivery of fuel and excellent combustion.

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