TROY, Mich. - BNP Media with Delmar Cengage Learning has published a book compilation of the popular service article series “Btu Buddy,” by Bill Johnson, originally published online on the Extra Edition page ofThe NEWSWebsite. TitledBtu Buddy Notebook, the book is a collection of more than 50 real-life service call scenarios.

Johnson, a 50-plus-year veteran of the HVACR industry, passes on his extensive knowledge in this engaging and straightforward series of 58 service calls, split into cooling season and heating season sections.

As the book’s introduction notes, the article series focuses on a service technician named Bob. Bob sometimes suffers from the same confusion that all technicians occasionally do - the facts that he gathers may or may not point to the obvious cause of the problem or the best solution. But Bob has something that no one else has. He recalls his long-time HVACR mentor and imagines him accompanying him as “Btu Buddy,” someone who reminds him to take time to stop and think before rushing to judgment, helping keep him on the right track, even with facts that are confusing.

In each of these service call scenarios, Btu Buddy guides Bob as he inspects and troubleshoots systems and comes up with solutions. Some of the cooling season topics include: “Discovering Reduced Airflow in the Ducts,” “Compressor With Refrigerant Flooding Back,” and “High Head Pressure, Air in the System.” Heating season topics include: “Looking at a Heat Pump Drawing a Lot of Current,” “Carbon Monoxide Problem With Gas Furnace,” and “How Air Gets Into a Hot Water Heating System.”

Btu Buddy Notebookis available from BNP Media’s online AEC Store. For more information and to purchase the book,click here.

Publication date:09/01/2008