PORTLAND, Ore. - Home Comfort Zones, manufacturer of the MyTemp home energy management and temperature control system, has announced the formation of its Certified Dealer Network in Southern California. MyTemp is now available to residents of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and Riverside Counties through partnerships with the following seven HVAC contractors:

• Air Controlled Environments 72 Degrees Air Conditioning & Heating, Chatsworth;

• FisherAir Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Brea;

• Alliance Mechanical Corp., Orange;

• Steel T Air Conditioning, Corona;

• Thermal-Cool Heating & Air Conditioning, Riverside;

• Palm Desert Air Conditioning & Heating, Palm Desert; and

• Perfect Weather, Palm Desert.

MyTemp is designed to deliver both improved comfort and potential energy savings by providing room-by-room temperature control for residential forced-air HVAC systems. It saves energy by conditioning occupied rooms only as much as needed and by reducing conditioning in unoccupied rooms. The system is said to be unique because it monitors the temperature in every room and individually controls the airflow to every vent.

According to the company, MyTemp can be easily installed into most existing homes without changing the HVAC system, and it enables homeowners to reduce their cooling and heating energy consumption by up to 40 percent.

“We are very pleased to have MyTemp available throughout Southern California and we believe we have attracted some of the best HVAC contractors in the area,” said Jon Brodeur, vice president of sales and marketing. “Southern Californians have been on the leading edge of today’s energy conservation movement. They were early adopters of wind energy, residential solar, and hybrid automobiles. Cooling and heating represents approximately 50 percent of residential energy consumption, yet most homeowners think their houses are uncomfortable. We believe that room-by-room temperature control is poised for widespread adoption and that Southern Californians will lead the way.”

For more information, visit www.homecomfortzones.com.

Publication date:09/01/2008