Featured inside the HVAC Mobile Green Classroom are innovative mechanical systems, designed to enhance a building’s energy efficiency while decreasing reliance on nonrenewable resources.

Six industry organizations have band together to form an association designed to promote green. It recently collaborated to put together a mobile training center to point out the value in green technologies.

The Partnership for Environmental Leadership (PEL) recently introduced its HVAC Mobile Green Classroom, a mobile training center that is packed with the latest cutting-edge technologies, designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities in an effort to promote more sustainable mechanical service and construction.

The trailer demonstrates new and innovative technologies designed to enhance a building’s energy efficiency while maintaining occupant health, safety, and comfort. The trailer also provides supplemental hands-on training opportunities in conjunction with Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s (MCAA) LEED AP training programs and the United Association (UA)/Mechanical Service Contractors of America’s (MSCA) Green Awareness Training and Certification Program.

When the HVAC Mobile Green Classroom isn’t showcasing the latest cutting-edge green technologies to schools and communities across the country, it’s turning heads.

“We are green. We are environmentally responsible. And we are committed to ensuring communities throughout the country are informed and educated on the latest cutting-edge technologies being used in the green movement within the HVAC industry,” PEL said in a press release.


The HVAC Mobile Green Classroom was put together to feature the latest cutting-edge technologies used in sustainable mechanical service and construction. The onboard technology features innovative mechanical systems that are designed to enhance a building’s energy efficiency while decreasing reliance on nonrenewable resources. Technologies featured include:

Fuel cell technologies:The Model H-FCTT-1 Fuel Cell Technology Trainer allows users to create a grid-independent power supply that uses only hydrogen as fuel.

Wind power generation:The Model H-WPG-1 Wind Power Generator has been designed to provide users with a basic understanding of how wind generators function as an alternate source of energy.

Solar heating system:The Model H-SST-1 Solar Heat System Trainer is an actual solar hot water heating system. The trainer is mounted on a mobile frame and the collector panel is adjustable for easy positioning in direct sunlight.

Solar photovoltaic system:The Model H-SPT-AC Photovoltaic Trainer offers users a practical alternative to the difficulties of supplying electric power in remote locations.

Grey water toilet flushing system:The Model H-PST-1 Plumbing System Trainer demonstrates the process of using grey water in toilet flushing systems.

Anaerobic treatment process:The Model H-6515 Anaerobic Digester is a bench-top trainer designed to demonstrate the fundamentals of the anaerobic treatment process. Anaerobic treatment processes involve bacteria, which function only in the absence of air.

Steven H. Allen (left), senior consultant for HVACR Education & Recruitment of the United Association, shows photovoltaic cells to an attendee at the 2008 MCAA national convention. The HVAC Mobile Green Classroom will be hitting the road for various other shows and events this year. Among other stops, it is scheduled to be at the 2009 AHR Expo in Chicago.

Infiltration demonstrator:The Model H-6520 Infiltration Demonstrator investigates the infiltration rates of different soil types and soil surface treatments.

Geothermal system trainer:The Model H-GTL-1 Geothermal Trainer provides hands-on training by allowing users to conduct tests and adjustments on a modern geothermal heat pump.

Residential pressure assist trainer:The Model H-RPT-1 Residential Piping Trainer demonstrates the process of a low-flow, pressure-assisted, toilet system.

Biological water treatment trainer:The Model H-6518 Aerobic Digester is a bench-top trainer designed as a comprehensive study facility of biological water treatment processes.

Heat pump trainer:The Model H-HPT-2X Heat Pump Trainer is designed for use with a wide variety of fossil fuel furnaces, electric furnaces, air handlers, and evaporator coil combinations.

For information on the Partnership for Environmental Leadership and the Green Mobile Classroom, visit www.hvacgreen.net.

Publication date:08/18/2008