NORMAN, Okla. - The In Home Selling Tool from Luxaire® Heating and Air Conditioning is the newest addition to the company’s Liberties™ Plus program. Designed to inform and educate homeowners about all aspects of their home comfort system, the stand-alone interactive program helps dealers match homeowners’ desired home comfort benefits with the appropriate Luxaire HVAC systems.

This selling tool runs from a dealer’s laptop, welcoming homeowners with a screen personalized to them and displaying the dealer’s name and logo. The tool’s interactive questionnaire asks homeowners key questions that help them evaluate their specific comfort needs, including consistent comfort, sound, warranty, IAQ, etc. A number of short videos provide further explanation in easy-to-understand language.

“The In Home Selling Tool helps to educate homeowners and get them involved in the purchase process,” said Jeff Hurt, Luxaire brand manager. “Conversations turn into sales transactions and the end result is a home comfort system that best meets the homeowner’s needs and expectations while providing the dealer with a very profitable sale.”

According to Hurt, dealers who encourage homeowners to complete the questionnaire will be better equipped to provide the best possible home comfort solution and achieve sell-up opportunities in the process.

The tool helps connect the dots by associating key issues with related product features and educational movies. Results of the homeowner questionnaire are presented in a graphic report to help dealers customize their sales presentations and close the sale.

“The questionnaire also adds credibility to dealers and positions them as a valuable resource to home- owners,” said Hurt.

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Publication date:08/18/2008