The LagMaster-Plus™ telescoping pole tool is the fastest and simplest way to hang threaded rod, wire, or chain from the ground, says the company. The thin profile of the pole allows it to reach into tight places where a worker would have difficulty maneuvering his arm. The tool can be used by electricians, as well as HVAC, telecomm, fire protection, and plumbing contractors. According to the manufacturer, a fast worker can install up to 100 ceiling wires an hour safely and efficiently from the floor. Five different adjustable length models are available, applicable for 11- to 30-foot ceiling heights. It has interchangeable heads. There is a specific head for each application – wire, jack chain, purlin clips, threaded rod, smooth rod, and screws. A 1/4-inch female hex head turns the pole into a long screwdriver. There is also a head that works with Ramset’s™ Viper powder actuated tool.

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