The Futera XLF is a high-efficiency, near-condensing, copperfin boiler that offers up to 88.5 percent efficiency. It offers full modulation with smooth 5:1 turndown and 3,000-4,000 MBtuh input. The unit’s small vent diameter is easy to work with and reduces vent material costs, says the company. The boiler’s dimensions enable the unit to fit easily through standard-size doors, be simply installed and serviced, and potentially reduce overall building costs. The unit also utilizes HeatNet® technology, an onboard digital monitoring and control device. This control system allows for units to be linked together (or to a building management system) and be fully integrated into a network of up to 16 individual boilers, providing the opportunity to optimize existing systems and eliminating the need for wall-mounted controls. A metal-fiber burner allows for seamless modulating turndown, low emission levels, and quiet operation. Features include solid bronze headers, a gasketless heat exchanger, finned copper or cupronickel tubing for efficient heat transfer, and a custom-developed pilot.

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