CINCINNATI - Standex Electronics recently unveiled a new Website,, which the company says provides a more user-friendly format and additional information to better communicate its custom capabilities to engineers and technical buyers. Information on the custom products listed on Websites of companies acquired by Standex in recent years such as ATC-Frost, Magnetico, and Trans America are also consolidated onto the new site, along with many more standard products than were previously listed.

The new site also contains data sheets on hundreds of products broken down into categories, including reed switches, fluid level sensors, reed relays, high- and low-frequency magnetic components, current sense transformers, insert molded RF inductors, and hermetic connector products.

The most significant addition to the new site is the “Markets” tab, which allows users to select their industry and view pertinent data relating to it, including:

• Application stories showing how Standex Electronics helped a customer in that market area;

• Standex capabilities specific to that market segment;

• Certifications and approvals applicable to that market area;

• Photos of custom parts that are supplied to that market segment; and

• Links from custom part photos to any applicable product line or product data page.

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Publication date:09/22/2008