The York® 33-inch Affinity™ furnace is a fully modulating 80 percent offering. The unit features a multi-position design, integrated control board, and an airflow leakage rate that is less than one percent. Operational noise levels register in the mid-50 decibel (dB) range including burner, inducer, and circulating blower operation. The furnace’s new, smaller cabinet is seven inches shorter than previous models, making it the compact solution for installations where space is limited. The shorter height also provides more space for the addition of IAQ products in the same footprint as existing designs. All condensing models are at least 95 percent efficient and are Energy Star® qualified. The multi-position design of the 33-inch unit provides flexibility for all installations and applications, such as upflow, downflow, horizontal left and horizontal right, all in one model. Multiple venting options for all models further enhance installation versatility and ease. The cabinet design has eliminated sharp edges by having all sheet metal edges folded and flattened. The Affinity models also include 1/4-turn latches for simplified door removal, with independent door removal still maintained.

Johnson Controls - Unitary Products