The DryCool Mini, a residential whole home dehumidifier, provides 120 pints per day of moisture removal. Packaged as a complete unit, only ductwork and power needs to be connected for it to function properly. It uses just 6.8 amps at 115 volts so it can be plugged into a wall outlet. The unit utilizes a condenser reactivated desiccant dehumidification process to provide dehumidification, supplies approximately 200 cfm, and uses R-410A refrigerant. It is available with an optional MERV 13 filter, and UV light. This dehumidifier can be installed free standing to supply and return air from the space. It can also be installed to work with existing residential type indoor split system air handling units. Supply and return ductwork is tied into larger system ductwork to supply air to the entire house. The unit is controlled by a unit or wall mounted humidistat.

Munters Corp.
DH Commercial