The Whirlpool Gold® AirCare™ Whole Home Dehumidifier System is a self-contained, whole house dehumidification, ventilation, and air filtration unit with HEPA filtration and UV germicidal light technology. This all-inclusive system provides 160 pints of dehumidification per day and up to 125 CFM outside ventilation air. A digital humidistat control enables the system to precisely measure and react to humidity levels for optimum IAQ. Designed for the residential market, the system encompasses four IAQ systems in one package. The product is installer- and servicer-friendly, requiring no special tools for installation other than those that are customarily found on a contractor's truck. It includes single point high and low voltage connection terminals that terminate inside the unit. From a reliability standpoint, the product features 20-gauge metal cabinetry and a 14-gauge metal base for greater strength and durability. All painted surfaces are powder-coated, to help resist corrosion. An antibacterial condensate drain promotes a clean environment and reduces drain stoppage due to biological growth. The product also features a stainless steel condensate drain pain that resists corrosion.

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