Victaulic’s Style 107 Rigid Coupling - designed for use in commercial, industrial, mining, water, and wastewater applications on a variety of systems from condenser, domestic, hot and chilled water to utility and plant services - features installation-ready technology and can be assembled without the need to disassemble the bolts, nuts, gasket, and housing. Designed for joining 2- to 6-inch/50- to 150-mm standard roll grooved and cut grooved steel pipe, the coupling is rated to 580 psi/4000 kPa depending on the pipe wall thickness. The coupling’s angled-bolt pad design provides a metal-to-metal bolt pad connection for visual confirmation of proper installation. The design of the coupling meets industry standards for support and hanging requirements. It features a Victaulic proprietary grade “EHP” high performance, patent-pending gasket geometry, optimized for superior performance under pressure, heat, assembly, stress, and relaxation. It is also UL classified in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61 for cold and hot potable water service.

Installers can assemble a standard two-piece coupling by inserting the installation-ready coupling onto the pipe or fitting ends and then tightening the nuts. According to the company, grooved couplings install twice as fast as welding, and now the Style 107 installs even faster than the original coupling. The coupling also features flame-free installation. Contractors eliminate the flames and fumes associated with welding and reduce risk on site.